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UK Architects Declare is a network of architectural practices across the UK committed to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Our Vision for our sector’s part in tackling the emergency is bold:

“A built environment planned, constructed and operated within planetary boundaries to deliver environmental justice and to support the flourishing of all life for all time.”

We have a dual approach, with a common focus on building agency and delivering change:

Architects Declare is about encouragement, with every signatory organisation expected to self-govern its progress toward achieving the commitments it has made. On the basis that no single architect is currently meeting every part of the radical commitment to change, a firm ‘no public blame and shame’ policy is in place. We are actively building approaches and resources to help signatories make progress, and for governments and others to show the leadership we need.

By signing the declaration, architectural practices are demonstrating their shared commitment to its principles. We do not assume that each signatory practice necessarily endorses all additional statements we make, for example either in support of or questioning particular policies or campaigns. We welcome debate.

We are grateful to all signatories who support AD's work, for example with a financial contribution. See Support Us.

UK Architects Declare was originated by architects Steve Tompkins and Michael Pawlyn, and launched on 30 May 2019 by the then 17 UK recipients of the Stirling Prize. It quickly attracted hundreds of other architectural practices from across the UK.

Over 1,300 practices across all nations and regions of the UK have now signed our declaration. And under the wider banner of Built Environment Declares, the declaration has spread to cover 43 groupings across 28 different countries. Between us, BED has more than 8,100 signatories globally, as other built environment disciplines have signed up to variations of the original 11-point declaration. In 2021, UK Architects Declare added a 12th point to our declaration, to address the urgent need for greater climate justice in the built environment.

In Our Plan for Change, we set out:

Current Steering Group Members

We are grateful to all our past Steering Group members for their work on our behalf and continued support:

Why Declare?

Support Us

We invite all our signatory practices to support Architects Declare's programme and running costs with an annual contribution of £20 for each registered architect their practice employs (up to a maximum of £2,500). For the vast majority of practices, we hope the suggested rate will be relatively modest, but if the full amount isn't possible, signatories may contribute whatever is affordable. Contributions are entirely voluntary and signatories' status within AD is not affected by their ability to contribute. Our ability to act together is greatly enhanced by whatever signatories can commit to.

To contribute via bank transfer, email [email protected] for details. Or you can contribute via PayPal.

We are grateful to the following signatory practices who have supported Architects Declare with a financial contribution over the past 12 months (this list is updated regularly):

Adrian James Architects * AEW Architects * Allies and Morrison * Allford Hall Monaghan Morris * Assael Architecture * Atkins * BakerBrown * Barr Gazetas * Bee Architects * Borough Architects * Calum Duncan Architects * Darling Associates * David Chipperfield Architects * Dress for the Weather * dRMM * DSDHA * Duncan Woodburn RIBA * Exploration Architecture * FaulknerBrowns Architects * Fen Studio Architects * Geddes Architects * Haworth Tompkins * Helen Lucas Architects * Hetreed Ross Architects * Howells * Jamie Fobert Architects * K Bava Architects * Knox Bhavan Architects * LOKI Architecture & Development * Love Architecture * Maccreanor Lavington * MAP Architecture * Marks Barfield Architects * MICA Architects * Mole Architects * Neil Pollard Architect * Pamphilon Architects * People & Place Architects * Peter Oborn Associates * Pollard Thomas Edwards * Purcell * Serie Architects * Sheppard Robson * STUDIO/gather * Trevor Black Architects * Urban Fabric Architects * Useful Studio * van Heyningen & Haward Architects * Working Title Architects

Thank you also to all those who have made donations at Architects Declare events.

You don't need to be a signatory to support Architects Declare - we welcome donations: please contact us at [email protected].

We are grateful to One Click LCA for a donation to mark their 20th anniversary in January 2022.

UK Architects Declare is a registered charity (No. 1207518).


[email protected]

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